An Interview with Jeff Chan
By Dan Godston | EXAMINER | February 5, 2011

“Jeff Chan -- creative music, Asian Improv aRts Midwest, & his clarinet ensemble”
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Jeff Chan's Cultural Arts Quartet
By Bill Meyer | CHICAGO READER | October 23, 2010

“His robust tone and unerring sense of swing recall the work of Chicago-based tenor saxophonists like Gene Ammons and Fred Anderson…”
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Jeff Chan - 'Horns of Plenty'
By Brian Gilmore | JAZZTIMES | April 15, 2010

...a voice to be reckoned with as jazz continues to seek new spaces of creativity.
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"Giving thanks for Chicago tenor saxophonists"
By Howard Reich | CHICAGO TRIBUNE | November 24, 2009

...will spotlight three of the most appealing tenor saxophonists in Chicago jazz
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Jeff Chan - 'Horns of Plenty'
By Brad Walseth | WWW.JAZZCHICAGO.NET | 2009

Some of the best improvised music I've heard this year comes from Asian American jazz artist Jeff Chan on his Horns of Plenty release.
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"When is a clarinet trio not a trio?"

By Howard Reich | CHICAGO TRIBUNE | March 13, 2009

Pop quiz: How many clarinetists are in the new Chicago Clarinet Quartet? Wrong. The answer is three.

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"On the move, in more ways than one"
By Howard Reich | CHICAGO TRIBUNE | February 22, 2008

Six years ago, the San Francisco saxophonist Jeff Chan made one of the more momentous decisions of his life – he moved to Chicago. 
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" Chans the man at center of sax summit "
By Howard Reich | CHICAGO TRIBUNE |  July 27, 2007

In recent years, saxophonist Jeff Chan has been an increasingly visible and promising figure in Chicago jazz, his  tenor saxophone  playing as big and beefy as listeners expect from tenor men in this city.
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"The Treatment"
By Neil Tesser | CHICAGO READER | June 08, 2006

Chan plays tenor with a hale, rough-hewn power, while his liquid soprano tone allows for charming idylls...
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"Chan's band is big fUn at fest"
By Howard Reich | CHICAGO TRIBUNE | October 11, 2005

... the band (Jeff Chan) unveiled over the weekend at HotHouse represented a breakthrough for him and his followers.
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Jeff Chan - 'In Chicago'
By Glenn Astarita | ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM | December 2003

Jeff Chan leads this Chicago area quartet through a series of turbo-charged workouts, consisting of linearly devised themes, and torrid soloing ventures.
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Jeff Chan - 'In Chicago'
By Ken Waxman | JAZZWORD.COM | November 2003

Jeff Chan, titular leader of the date, begins playing straightahead, but ends up elaborating the theme in split tones, displaying an exaggerated vibrato that advances to double tonguing.
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Jeff Chan - 'Winds Shifting'
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